Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lansing MI and Dewitt Michigan Real Estate: Bathroom Renovation Upgrades for Home Owners

Are you a Lansing MI or Dewitt Michigan resident or first time home buyer? Are you thinking of renovating or remolding your house before you move in or after you buy? You can benefit by knowing a few hacks, tricks and tips on how to upgrade your small half bathroom upstairs or downstairs. You may choose to install a new toilet but its not necessary especially if you plan to resell. Three quick tips include changing the flooring to vinyl, linoleum or hardwood floors. You can find inexpensive flooring costs at Menard's or Lowe's. Second, replace the trim and molding with a brand new color. Trim and molding are not expensive and are quick ways to make a house look clean, modern and updated. Again, this is especially significant if you plan to sell the house to prospective buyers. Third, paint the room. Fresh paint adds a nice feature and "feel" to the home. Go with neutral tones like brown, tan, beige, or gray. Stay away from neon colors or bright red, blue or green. Click here to view quick tips and trick on cost effective bathrooms and how to stay within budget. 

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